QS Testimonials

Rusty Taylor of Taylor Sales in Arkansas:TaylorSalesCandidsm

"This program [QuoStar™] is incredible. It does exactly what I need it to do and helps me stay on top of the whole bid process.

I use it along with my Quote guy and together we are getting our quotes out the door faster than ever before.

I HIGHLY recommend (and have recommended) this program to anyone who needs to quote or bid product as a part of their business!"



Jeff Hunt of Central Sales in Memphis, TN:

"I got tired of saying "there's got to be a BETTER way!" So I got in touch with Tom and together we came up with what reps need and want - a simple yet powerful program for coordinating the different quote data and making it easy to assemble and output in a variety of formats.

QuoStar does ALL of this PLUS more! I have been using Tom's program - flawlessly - for the last 6 years - so I KNOW it works."

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