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Need Data Solutions (NDS) focuses on solving specific problem areas in the data management of your everyday business. If your business has a data bottleneck or a manual paper process that is inhibiting your workflow, then you need a data solution.  

You shouldn't have to work MORE or HARDER to get your job done, if a solution is properly designed.  

NDS can streamline key business processes and dramatically increase productivity, save time and consequently, save money.  

Couldn't you or your business use MORE TIME AND MONEY - especially right now, in this economy?

How many times have you said: 'THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY?'

Thoughtful, focused database design can relieve you of repetitive data entry, matching, searching, comparing, assembling, outputting and a number of other functions you MUST execute as part of your business process.

Problem Solved

Please review the NDS website. Look at QuoStar™: the best quotation software - hands down - for manufacturer's representatives of the construction industry. Affordable, customizable, and most of all - EFFECTIVE - for what manufacturer reps need to do in their business.

Please contact NDS if you have a specific need or issue in data manipulation.  

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